Yes, you read that right. Nearly a half-billion dollars went to Planned Parenthood in one year:

According to its latest annual report, the Planned Parenthood Federation of America (PPFA) received $487.4 million in tax dollars over a twelve-month period and performed 329,455 abortions.

Previous Planned Parenthood annual reports showed total funding from “government grants and contracts” (which were $363.2 million in 2009), while this year’s report also accounts for payments from Medicaid managed care plans among the payments the group receives from government.

When compared with previous annual reports, the latest one shows an almost steady increase in the number of abortions performed at its clinics: In 2006, Planned Parenthood did 289,750 abortions; in 2007, it did 305,310; in 2009, it did 331,796; and, in 2010, it did 329,445 — a small decrease from the previous year.

Planned Parenthood will say that the money it receives from us – the tax payers – does not go to pay for abortions. PP is playing a game of Three-Card Monte. In its full form, Three-Card Monte is a classic short con in which a shill (Planned Parenthood) pretends to conspire with the mark (that’s us) to cheat the dealer (the government), while in fact conspiring with the dealer to cheat the mark. The money PP receives from “we the tax payers” frees up money that PP gets from other sources to pay for their abortion facilities.

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