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Skype, electricity & the Gospel in Asia

Jane was in the middle of explaining how God had called her family to one of the toughest areas in Central Asia when the Skype connection went dead.

A few minutes later their backup generator kicked on, the couple called back and the conversation resumed. Jane and Jack, who are unable to use their real names for security reasons, seemed almost apologetic about having a generator in a place where most of the locals at that moment were without power and sitting in the dark. Still, through Southern Baptists’ support of the Lottie Moon Christmas Offering and Cooperative Program, the International Mission Board couple is able to do their work with as few interruptions as possible.

Jack and Jane, both of North Carolina, are two of nearly 5,000 IMB workers serving overseas. Most live in challenging parts of the world where there is little to no access to electricity, running water, groceries — and most important, the Gospel.

For more than a year, the couple and their two children have lived in a Central Asian city. Because of the risks involved with living there, few details about the people, the city and their work can be shared in this story.

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