A consistent man is prized in our society. We like a guy that lives by his own worldview. For instance, I may not agree with all the principles of Ron Paul, but I respect him for his consistent track record over the last few decades. He’s earned my vote because I know that what I see is what I will get if he is elected to office.

It’s no wonder that mankind cares that he and his fellow man be consistent with their worldviews. I, as a Christian, realize that it’s important to God that I lay down my own desires and pursue His consistently. Consistency is something even God wants. He places the desire for it in us.

My aim is to make God’s worldview my own. Being consistent with His view, however, is quite a challenge. Most Christians — or supposed Christians, at least — give up on consistency because they recognize that living by a dependable, knowable lifestyle that is in proper alignment with one’s beliefs is very difficult.

So it’s especially convicting when you get to know another man that is beating you at your own values. Finding a man that has high moral standards that publically lives by them is practically un-heard of. Still, there are some of these determined individuals that practice what they believe — their worldview is real to their lives.

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