The repeated violence in the name of religion, including the recently torching of a Shiite boarding school in Sampang, Madura, prompts the question of when violence in the name of religion can be snuffed out once and for all?

When will the world be able to witness religion as a giver of blessing and peace? Swiss theologian and philosopher Hans Kung was likely right when he proclaimed: “There will be no peace among nations without peace among religions and there will be no peace among religions without dialogue among religions.”

I want to add this statement by saying that: “There will be no dialogue among religion without the readiness of each party to respect the ethics of dialogue.”

So what are the ethics of dialogue? According to my understanding of the Koran, there are at least three points that should be gripped by anyone who wishes to hold dialogue. The first is that there is no insult to belief system adhered by each follower of the sect of religion. Even Sunda Wiwitan, a belief adhered to by the Baduy tribe in Banten, deserves to be respected.

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