Christians in the United Kingdom face hostility on many fronts — from the top levels of government to local city councils and secular organizations. These attacks appear to be waking up a sleeping church.

More than 400 years ago, English explorers brought Christianity to the New World. Spreading the Gospel was a mandate in the England of old.

Today in the United Kingdom, sharing that Christian faith could land you behind bars. Under current law, using “insulting words or behaviour” is a criminal offense.

As a result, police have arrested a number of Christians, including street preachers because listeners considered the message insulting.

“I think that personally there is a decline in just the knowledge of God and in the love of God,” Shepherd Masango, a Christian street preacher, told CBN News.

“There’s a lot of people that we speak to on the streets — 16-year-olds or below — people that have never grown up going to church, and people have just radically turned away from God and are just following different kind(s) of things,” he said.

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