There is no doubt that there are a least two major civilzations that are currently diametrically opposed.  Obviously we live in a multipolar age of multiple civilizations.  The Western civilization and its Islamic counterpart are at odds in all areas.  What sets these two civilizations apart?  Why are they clashing?

The Christian faith gains its teachings and theology from a collection of 66 books, written by some 40 authors over 1,900 years.  Most of the authors did not know any of the others, and until about 300 BC there was not a written collection of the books in any language except Hebrew.

The Old Testament prophets and New Testament apostles wrote down divinely inspired and Holy Spirit given Scriptures that form the Judeo-Christian Doctrine.

In contrast, Islam claims that the Bible is “revealed Scripture”.  But Islam also claims that the Bible has been corrupted and more importantly superseded by the Koran (or Quran).  Muhammad who died in 632 A.D. supposedly wrote the book based on divine communication.  The Koran is used alongside the Hadith which is a traditional record of sayings and acts of the founder Muhammad.

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