For the last century, Gabe Lyons told to a full audience at Calvin College on Tuesday, Jan. 11, American Christians have been telling a half-truth, a message of sin and salvation that by itself is “incoherent.”

Lyons compared preaching this conversion-centered Gospel to handing someone a copy of a novel with the first and last hundred pages torn out. “You’re frustrated, you’re mad at the author because you think, ‘Why would anyone write a book like this?’” Lyons said. “And yet that’s the kind of Gospel we’ve been sharing with people over the last century, and that’s why they’re turning away.”

Lyon’s visit was part of Calvin’s annual January Series, a month of daily talks by scholars, writers, athletes and activists from around the world. The New York City-based reverend is the founder of Q, a Christian organization dedicated to forwarding “the common good,” and the author of “The Next Christians: The Good News About the End of Christianity.”

Lyons began his lecture with the research presented in his book “UnChristian,” co-authored with David Kinnaman, that tracks the fall of Christianity from dominance in public discourse.

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