Texas Gov. Rick Perry spoke like a preacher from his pulpit to an evangelical crowd today, telling them that if they support his presidential campaign, together they can bring about the world’s “next great awakening.”

“It is time for people of faith to take this country back. The greatness of America stems from the humble act of mortal men recognizing a higher power, proclaiming our rights that emanate from that great creator and not from government,” Perry told the crowd at the Faith and Freedom Coalition Debate Kickoff.

“Don’t let the voices of secularism in government silence your voices. Together we can build more than just a winning campaign. We can bring about the next great awakening in this world, and we can make America more than just the freest and the most prosperous nation on the earth, but as Ronald Reagan said, we can again make it that shining city on the hill.”

Perry, who lost the backing of a group of religious leaders and social conservatives to Rick Santorum over the weekend, warned of the decline in spirituality due to an uptick in “political correctness” in this country.

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