From the day GetReligion opened its cyber-doors, we have argued that the liberal half of American Christianity deserves more coverage in the mainstream press. Most of the time, coverage of Christian liberalism turns everything into politics even faster than coverage of traditional, doctrinally conservative forms of Christianity.

That’s simply bad journalism. Progressive Christians have beliefs and they act on them. They deserve to have the content of their beliefs discussed as religion, as a form of faith, not as some kind of political jargon in support of a political creed. Now, I am not saying that the political activities of liberals (or conservatives) should be ignored. I am saying that readers need to understand the role that religious beliefs and faith play in these actions.

This brings me to a recent Washington Post Magazine cover story about marriage, divorce and the ties that bind that inspired several fervent emails from readers seeking a GetReligion post in response.

At the heart of the story was an issue of Christian doctrine that is being debated in this day and age.

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