Christianity has inspired some of the most beautiful pieces of artwork in history. From paintings to sculptures, Biblical stories have been the muse for many an artist. Writers such as J.R.R. Tolkien and C.S. Lewis constructed allegorical series based on Christian concepts. Today, along with novels, film and video have become one of the most effective ways of relating the Gospel and Christianity to people all over the world.

With a video camera and some editing skills, a regular person can film themselves or their friends and upload a video to Youtube for people from the USA, to Germany, to France, to see and enjoy. The latest Youtube sensation, by a young man named Jefferson Bethke, has been making its rounds in emails and Facebook. The video, entitled “Why I Hate Religion, But Love Jesus”, is a spoken-word poem where Bethke illustrates the differences between Jesus and self-righteous religiosity. Younger Christians are completely taken by it and are reposting it where ever they can. I was about thirty seconds into the video myself when I realized this was definitely something I was going to share with those on my friends’ list.

Lately I have been very taken with spoken word poetry. It clearly is not something that is easy to do and the passion with which these artists speak is often electrifying. Bethke’s four-minute piece is no different and it is inspiring to see poets using their talents to glorify God. The kind of people who may see this video (agnostics or atheists, for example) would probably never set foot in a church. But a video clip, a poem, is something that can speak to anyone.

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