Christians from several denominations have pledged to hold a ‘ring or prayer’ around protesters outside St Paul’s Cathedral, if bailiffs or police begin to forceably remove them.

The City of London Corporation today (18 January) won a High Court bid to evict the campaigners from outside St Paul’s Cathedral. Their legal team plan to appeal tomorrow. At the present time, in the UK it is legal to take part in peaceful protests in public places.

The demonstrators, who are campaigning against corporate greed, and the role of the banks in the current world recession, moved to the pavement beside St Paul’s Cathedral, on 15 October after they were prevented  from staying in front of the Stock Exchange. Three members of the Cathedral Chapter,  including the Canon Chancellor, Giles Fraser, resigned in protest at cathedral plans to forcibly evict the camp then.

Occupy the London Stock Exchange’ – known as Occupy LSX or OLSX have been following health and safely regulations given them by the police and made a wide thoroughfare to enable worshippers and visitors to access the Cathedral.  They have a prayer tent and have been holding daily prayers,  lectures and discussions.

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