Believing that God was stirring him to reach unchurched fellow Koreans, Peter Oh relocated his family from the largest city in Alaska three years ago to plant a Korean church in the state’s capital, Juneau.

Oh and his wife Jong –- with their teenage son, pre-teen son and toddler daughter — moved from an established Korean Baptist church in Anchorage and relocated to Juneau “totally on faith,” said Mike Procter, executive director of the Alaska Baptist Convention.

Oh said he “noticed God was calling me to go Juneau” about two years after learning from a fellow church member in Anchorage that the Korean church in Juneau had closed.

“That broke my heart.”

Procter said that Oh, who was in Anchorage about three years, “has done a tremendous job developing a Korean congregation” in Juneau, which meets on Sunday afternoons in the building of Emmanuel Baptist Church.

“He has a high sense of calling,” Procter said of Oh, “and he’s got a commitment to that calling of God.”

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