Organizers of a new Presbyterian denomination unveiled their vision Thursday for a less bureaucratic, more organic church capable of invigorating congregations that have experienced stagnation or decline.

Under the umbrella The Fellowship of Presbyterians, the new denomination is called the Evangelical Covenant Order of Presbyterians — ECO for short.

“The church is a living organism and an organism lives within an ecosystem,” Pastor John Ortberg told the convention of 2,150 Presbyterians meeting in Orlando through Friday. “There ought to be an ecosystem that builds flourishing churches that make disciples of Jesus Christ.”

Ortberg characterized the Presbyterian Church (USA) as mired in bureaucracy, membership decline, internal strife and a lack of both bold leadership and invigorating theology.

“Imagine a movement where church meetings and denominational meetings never wasted anybody’s time,” he said. “Imagine a movement that says when leaders’ and volunteers’ hours of service are misspent in the black hole of bureaucratic hoop-jumping, it is not acceptable organizational behavior.”

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