The List of 45 reveals the communist goals Marxists have pursued to facilitate the internal collapse of Western civilization. In the process, though the Soviet Union fell, they have not let up on their work to take over the U.S., and the rest of the West, from within. The internal madness has been supported in the United States by the democrat party. Through liberalism they are using political correctness to deepen the Marxist hold on America.

It is not difficult to realize that Political Correctness goes hand in hand with Marxism. Political Correctness is cultural Marxism. A politically correct society handcuffs free speech and free press, fuels thought control, and compromises a traditional social order for a more controlled system ruled over by an elite political oligarchy.

The origins of political correctness goes back to the early rumblings of Marxism, with the aim to destroy the Western Culture. It is the goal of the Marxists to penetrate every aspect of Western Culture.

To infiltrate the West the Marxists needed to translate Marxism into economic and cultural terms. The way to do this was to first destroy the moral foundations of the West, for as noted before in history, nations like the United States were great because they were good. Therefore, morality is the enemy of Marxism.

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