The creation of this great nation, the United States of America, was founded on the basis of Freedom…and a primary freedom is a Freedom of Religion. Yet, in just the past few years, this country has been turning into a country of Freedom for Religion Removal. I’m not going to tell you Christianity is under attack, the facts speak for themselves.

Here are a couple comments from concerned citizens in Collingswood, NJ who posted on an online community blog called Patch when the town decided to ‘transform’ the towns Christmas Parade to a Holiday Parade:

“It’s too bad that political correctness has a choke hold on the utterance of the word “Christmas… Stop the nonsense and call it what it really is: a Christmas parade and a Christmas tree lighting. To drop the word “Christmas” is offensive to Christians even though the reason for doing so is ostensibly not to offend non-Christians. Others being offended is a trumped up excuse to change the language by an agenda driven elite class.”

“It is a Christmas parade, it is a Christmas tree lighting but we now politically correct our language, our traditions and our celebrations to ‘not offend’ the ill-defined but oh so important ‘COLLECTIVE’.

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