The angry reaction to the issue of conversion of Muslims in Kashmir is scaring the Christian community no end. “It’s making me nervous,” says Carin Jodha Fischer, a German working in Kashmir’s rural areas since 2006.

On January 19, the government-backed sharia court, headed by Mufti Bashiruddin, issued a decree banning the entry of four Christian pastors, finding them “guilty of luring Muslims of Kashmir, especially boys and girls, to Christianity by exploiting their financial conditions”.

The names of the four pastors-CM Khanna, Gayour Massi, Chandre Kanta and Jim Brost-had come up in the course of an investigation done by the court. While Khanna, who is an Indian and is now in Jammu, the whereabouts of the other three are not known. The police do not know their nationalities either.

“They were promised help like passports and visas,” said deputy grand mufti (priest) Nasir-ul-Islam in Srinagar.

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