I write some posts and I think they are not controversial at all (such as this one and this one). Other posts I write knowing that there could be some controversy (such as this one). I think this post falls into the second category, but I hope to provide some clarity to the situation.

For some churches the subject of whether or not Christians should dance is a discussion in their past. It went the way of women not wearing pants and the forbidding of playing cards. For other churches it seems that every year the preacher dusts off the sermon on dancing at some point around Prom season.

The sermons I have heard on dancing at times come off too simplistic. I still remember a teenage Bible class on the subject where the teacher point blankly said that all dancing is wrong, because all dancing causes us to lust. I didn’t say anything in the class, but in my mind I was thinking of all sorts of scenarios where people danced and no one was lusting. As I got older I also began to think to myself what if a husband and wife danced in their living room alone, would that be sinful?

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