Across the country, the youth vote is down. Registration is low. Voter enthusiasm for Republican candidates has been lackluster.

Unless that candidate’s name is Ron Paul.

The 76-year-old U.S. representative from Texas has energized — and gained —young voters at a time many people under 30 are turned off to politics.

Paul’s reputation for attracting young voters is so pronounced that supporters say it’s rare to see older adults at his rallies. Many times, the folks in the loud cheering sections at his events are called simply “the kids.”

“I’m 36 and I’m considered an old guy,” says Patrick Hussey of Parkville, who organized a Paul rally on a recent Saturday in Towson. “It’s very unusual that there’s this resurgence in the old right. He’s a 76-year-old man and he’s got the under-30 crowd for him. It’s very unique.”

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