Having been a faith-based and committed Christian for over a decade, you could easily think I had become accustomed to the strange looks when I tell people more about myself; for example, that on Sunday mornings I go to church instead of recovering from a boozy session with friends, that my life manual is the Bible, and that I have a personal relationship with God.

However, with so many prejudices attached to Christianity, it can sometimes be hard to speak candidly about my faith.

In addition to ‘being strange’, the common labels attached to Christians these days vary from the ‘party pooper’ to cult follower.

As part and parcel as they are of being a Christian today, stereotypical generalisations are not without their impact. A law student and friend of mine recently confided that he was annoyed by the ignorance of many who equate the church with a religious cult without asking what the Christian faith is actually about.

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