Now, I don’t think I’ve tackled the whole “religion in sports” issue yet, so here are my own personal thoughts on this frequently-discussed topic.

I honestly agree with Sonnen: if he exists, I don’t think God cares much about which fighter wins a cage fight.

That’s not me being anti-religion or anything, that’s just me being practical. If a being does exist in this universe with a cosmic level of power, he probably only cares about problems and threats that are on a cosmic level. If a being does exist that created the world, that being probably only cares about problems that affect the entire world.

Now, I am not opposed to people taking some inner-strength from their religion; I’m not opposed to the idea of religion as a whole, in fact. I think the anti-religious or people who simply like to poke fun at religion occasionally see athletes thank God and assume that those athletes must believe that God himself had a hand in their victory—which is either incredibly stupid or incredibly narcissistic depending on your viewpoint.

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