As part of an undeniable war on Christianity, New York City is set to evict 17,000 churchgoers who use schools as a place of worship.  (As if eliminating any reference to Christmas was not bad enough.)

Despite the fact that Christians donate billions to charity (far more than their secular counterparts), spend countless hours helping the less fortunate, and espouse a message of unconditional love, there is an unjust war being waged on this righteous, good-intentioned majority.

In 12 days, more than 60 congregations in New York City will be thrown out of their Sunday worship sites.  After a 16-year battle with the city, they appear to be at the losing end, forced to re-locate or, worse, close their doors permanently.

The battle began in 1995.  At the time, the city allowed for groups to rent space in public schools as long as they were “pertaining to the welfare of the community.” Labor union gatherings, filming sessions for the show Law & Order, and Alcoholics Anonymous meetings were all permitted to take place in public schools.  But the notable exception was the exclusion of “religious worship services.”

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