A few weeks ago, the great ‘philosopher,’ Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad delivered one his historical speeches in front of an assembly of ‘enlightened’ Islamic clerics in which he vowed to fight against what he called “the Judaization of Jerusalem.”  This in itself would have been treated as another foolish statement from the master of the forked tongue and the perennial Holocaust denier, if not for the fact that the decade-old propaganda onslaught to remove the Jewish context from the history of Jerusalem has slowly become part of the Arab and Islamic mantra.

Which includes, as Ahmadinejad has often claimed, the laughable recent twist that there was no Jewish Temple in Jerusalem, which was supposedly always “a place of prayers for Muslims, not Jews.”

Unfortunately, he is not alone in this bizarre example of historical revisionism, something which many seem to have learned from the Soviet-era propaganda machine. If one only reads the statements issued in 2011 by Palestinian president Mahmood Abbas, by Palestinian National Council Chair Salam Al Za’anoun, or listens to the repeated programs on the official Palestinian TV stations, this message is widely distributed to readers and viewers.

The same nonsense one can read quite often in the pages of Al Hayat Al Jadida, the official newspaper of the Palestinian Authority, where they regularly publish articles with the same topic, which can be summarized as: “There was no Jewish Temple in Jerusalem, no proof that one ever existed, and that the ‘alleged’ temple is nothing, but a ‘myth,’ which the ‘Zionist occupiers’ have invented to justify their presence in Arab lands.”

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