Three bishops will call for the Church of England’s national assembly to stand up for the right of Christians to wear a cross.

They are among more than a hundred members of the Synod to sign a motion condemning the ‘silencing’ of outward displays of Christianity.

Supporters say the Church should defend Christians against the ‘overzealous’ interpretation of human rights and equality legislation by judges, politicians and employers.

The motion also calls for the Church to make a landmark statement that wearing a cross is an integral part of the Christian faith.

It cites ‘ludicrous’ cases of Christian practices and symbols being forbidden.

The motion also adds that attempts to scrap prayers at council meetings and to ban employees from wearing the cross could ultimately lead to religion being confined to the home.

The Bishop of Peterborough, the Rt Rev Donald Allister, told The Sunday Telegraph: ‘It is to say, OK, if you say wearing a cross isn’t a compulsory part of Christianity, we agree.

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