In the midst serious controversy over the religious foundation of Liberia, a group of Church leaders here are hearing up to launch a campaign to solicit “one million signatures” from the Christian community to petition the House of Representatives to repeal a constitutional clause, which states that Liberia is a secular nation.

The luncheon, which is slated for Saturday, 18 February, is expected to be held in the Old Providence Baptist Church on Ashmun Street, where the Declaration of Independence was signed in 1847 by 11 men, in conformity with Christian beliefs and principles.

That clause was however, amended along with other provisions of the constitution in Gbarnga, Bong County in 1985 by a special constitutional review committee chaired by the late Dr. Edward Binyan Keselley.

The committee was set up by the late Head of State Samuel Kanyon Doe, who rigged the 1985 presidential election. According to organizers of the latest campaign dubbed: Liberia Christian Community, the ceremony will be preceded with a parade through the lead streets of Monrovia. Some organizers of the program told this paper Wednesday that the government should be definite on whether it subscribes to state religion, be it Christianity or Islam.

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