Most intellectuals in Kerala and even God-fearing Christians are sympathetic towards the communists because of their professed concern for the poor and the oppressed. Unlike other political outfits, they seem to be free from the communal virus. Unfortunately with all their wisdom, discipline and concern, their godless ideology had not worked for the benefit of the poor or brought progress to the land wherever they are in power.

The recent attempt by the Marxist Communist Party to woo Christians to their fold by listing Jesus Christ as one among their martyrs has invited a storm of protests in Kerala and outside. Some Christian leaders, however, have welcomed the Communist endorsement of Jesus Christ as an emancipator of mankind.

Kerala CPM secretary Pinarayi Vijayan, describing Jesus as one of the great liberators of mankind said he was an icon of human emancipation. He referred to the Biblical account of the liberator once driving out money lenders, thieves and criminals from the place of worship.

It is amusing that the party that considered religion as the opium of the people and promoted atheism should seek to court the Christians by their belated appreciation of their Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ. The communist world has its Bible– The Atheist’s Handbook. It was first issued by Moscow’s Academy of Science in 1961.

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