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NRB Wants IRS to Investigate Nonprofit’s Attacks on the Christian Right

National Religious Broadcasters officials are watching in anticipation to see if the Internal Revenue Service will launch an investigation into whether or not watchdog group Media Matters violated its 501(c)(3) status when it accepted money from a special interest group to attack religious conservatives.

In light of recent revelations that Media Matters accepted a $50,000 grant to attack religious broadcasters such as the late Jerry Falwell and Focus on the Family’s chairman emeritus James Dobson, NRB Executive Board Treasurer Janet Parshall told The Christian Post, “I’m going to be curious to see if someone is going to vet this organization that in fact they haven’t violated their 501(c)(3).”

Once an investigation is conducted, Parshall anticipates that Media Matters will be exposed as a front organization for political progressive groups.

“If you start looking into who the donors are, where the funding mechanisms that started coming into Media Matters [came from], you realize that these are not tabula rasa, these are not blank slates, these are people who have [a] particular worldview, a particular agenda legislatively, politically, and they want Media Matters as someone to help shape and mold the debate,” she asserted on Saturday.

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