Famed evangelist Reverend Franklin Graham went on a news program this morning likely hoping to show a strong standard for the Republican presidential candidates.

Flash forward fifteen minutes and he had questioned some combination of the moral character, authenticity, and religious beliefs of the President as well as the top three Republican hopefuls.

Starting with President Obama, Mr Graham- son of the most famous televangelist Reverend Billy Graham- said that while he does say that he is a Christian, and may go to church when the cameras are watching, there are also signs that he has Muslim leanings.

The Reverend hedged slightly throughout, saying that while Mr Obama has told him personally that he is a Christian and Mr Graham chooses to take him at his word, he still does have some reservations about how sincere the President is about his faith.

‘I think you have to ask President Obama,’ Mr Graham told the hosts of MSNBC’s show Morning Joe.

‘He has said he’s a Christian, so I just have to assume that he is.

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