When many people think about Planned Parenthood, they think about death: especially the 330,000 deaths the nation’s largest abortion provider wrought via their scalpels, syringes, and vacuum devices last year.

Others think of the abortion mammoth’s tacit support of gender-based abortions or their current efforts to export their death machine to Africa.

But too few people think about the financial windfall Planned Parenthood is certain to receive once ObamaCare goes into full effect, as too few people are right now thinking about the money that President Obama’s birth control/abortion pill mandate will place in Planned Parenthood coffers.

To understand this, consider the fact that one-third of Planned Parenthood’s income comes from STD testing and another third from contraceptives. If employers and the insurance companies they use are forced to provide contraceptives and abortion pills to employees, Planned Parenthood’s current net worth of $1,000,000,000 is certain to rise.

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