An employment tribunal ruled today that 57 year-old children’s worker Celestina Mba was not constructively dismissed from her job after she was forced to resign in 2010.

Ms. Mba has been a Christian since she was a young girl and has never worked on a Sunday. She worked for almost three years at the Brightwell Children’s Home in Morden, a respite home for children with disabilities including autism.

Ms Mba said:

“It is impossible to speak with me and not know of my commitment to Jesus and that I will not work on the Sabbath day, yet the Tribunal found that my employers were not aware of this fact.  They also held that repeated instructionsby Merton Council to work on Sundays in violation of my faith was not a violation of my rights.”

Ms Mba gave evidence that she would have worked nights and Saturdays, both unpopular shifts as people want to be with their families or go out, or she would have accepted less pay. Yet despite her offers, no compromise was accepted, and she was forced to resign.

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