Getting financing for your movie project should be a breeze if you’re Oscar-winning director Oliver Stone’s son.

It’s less simple when you tell the world you’ve recently converted to Shiite Islam in the Iranian holy city of Isfahan. Then things become tricky, and your investors start calling you out as a terrorist.

Stone’s son, Sean Christopher Stone, 27 years old, converted to the Muslim faith two weeks ago while traveling abroad in Iran.  He tells Fox411 that the Hollywood producers and investors he was working with prior to his conversion have turned on him, and are now reluctant to fund his projects.

“I was shocked by some of the early reactions of the people I have worked with. I was grilled with phone calls about whether I was reliable, whether I am a terrorist and whether I had lost my mind. It was such a negative initial response,” Stone told Fox411. “These were people I had been working with for some time, producers who were interested in doing deals and raising money. There was just a deluge of what exactly my conversion meant. I don’t know to what extent this will damage my reputation.”

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