A missionary from Manmin, a Korean Megachurch, spoke about challenges that face Christians in China (name is not published for her safety). She said that in communist China, there are two churches: one is underground and consists of believers who are persecuted, and the other is the official church which is recognized and controlled by the authorities.

“Underground Christians believe that the official church is ruled by authorities and doesn’t believe in God,” said the missionary. “But I think that it is not always true. Sometimes, they are prohibited to meet with registered Christians because they don’t trust them.”

She also noted that Christians face hard torture if they are caught. They are arrested, imprisoned and even executed by firing squad. “Authorities use electric shock to torture people,” underlined the missionary. “Sometimes they tie Christians to a horse or a car and let it go. The Communists say that it is a punishment for bad behavior. I believe that, because of our brothers’ sacrifice and blood, there are a hundred million Christians in China. Even in Rome, Christians were not persecuted in such cruel way, but even Rome has become a Christian country. I believe that China will also become a Christian country.”

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