Civil rights advocates are expressing puzzlement at a new report from Christians in Parliament and the Evangelical Alliance UK which claims that Christians are victims of prejudice in Britain.

The report, ‘Clearing the Ground’, suggests that civic and legal authorities in the UK are suffering from ‘religious illiteracy’ and that there is a failure to treat Christians who hold conservative social views – including those who say that their beliefs should allow them to discriminate against others in the provision of goods and services – with fairness.

During a six-month inquiry, the Christians in Parliament all-party group, led by Conservative MP Gary Streeter, analysed a range of instances, including employment tribunals and court cases, where Christians claimed they had received unfair treatment under the law.

It also took evidence from what are described by the group as “key organisations, denominations and experts” and received written evidence from a further 40 groups and individuals.

The report criticises the Equality Act 2010, despite the exemptions churches have from it, and indicates that some Christian groups believe that the Equalities and Human Rights Commission is biased against Christians – even though it made a high-profile attempt last year, criticised by other equalities groups, to intervene at the European Court of Human Rights in four cases in which Christians alleged they had been unfairly treated.

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