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Jewish basketball team refuses to play on Sabbath

The Orthodox Jewish high school basketball team from Houston that is being forced to forfeit its state championship dreams to avoid playing on the Sabbath is gaining some powerful allies. But the Texas association that controls its fate refuses to budge, reiterating that the games will not be rescheduled to accommodate the school’s religious beliefs.

Tamir Goodman — the Orthodox Jewish player who Sports Illustrated famously dubbed “The Jewish Jordan” when he verbally committed to Maryland, former Houston Rockets coach Jeff Van Gundy and Mayor Annise Parker are all standing behind the Robert M. Beren Academy in its fight to get its 2A state semifinal game moved from Friday night to Friday afternoon.

These are a bunch of hoops-loving kids from a tiny school (67 total high school students) living a real-life Hoosiers story as they compete against bigger programs.

Goodman has been tweeting about the situation and trying to raise awareness. During his career, Goodman also refused to play on the Sabbath, with many believing that led to Maryland backing off on its scholarship offer.

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