Chances are if you’ve attended an event in Fort Wayne featuring members of different faiths or presenting the religious dimensions of the world’s contemporary political problems, Michael Spath had a hand in it.

He’s invited orange-robed Buddhist monks from Tibet to Fort Wayne and organized a multifaith ritual pouring of religiously blessed water into the city’s three rivers at Headwaters Park. Recently, he took a group of local residents to the Holy Land to learn about peacemaking efforts between Israelis and Palestinians.

Spath has studied under a Hindu swami and a Zen master and seriously analyzed poetry written by Islamic mystics. When he was an interim minister for a local Unitarian congregation, he wore a clerical stole given to him by the Dalai Lama.

But the 58-year-old Fort Wayne resident isn’t just a dabbler in religion or a confused seeker of his own spiritual enlightenment. He’s spent most of his life learning about the world’s religions because he wants to help members of different faiths get along.

“I’m very much someone who is interested in dialogue among the different religious traditions,” he says.

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