The public firestorm that erupted in the wake of Kirk Cameron’s comments condemning homosexuality earlier this month took plenty of people by surprise—but none more than the erstwhile Growing Pains star himself, who apparently can’t quite understand what all the fuss is about.

In an interview with the Today show this morning, Cameron defended his stance and gave his best efforts at convincing the world that he wasn’t propogating hate speech when he referred to gay marriage as “unnatural” and “ultimately detrimental to so many foundations of our civilization.”

And even though he didn’t amend his views on the matter, he did take a page from the D-list playbook and went so far as to blame that TV scapegoat editing for the presentation of his controversial rhetoric.

“Absolutely not, of course not. I love all people, I hate no one and, you know, when you take a subject and you reduce it to something like a four-second sound bite and a check mark on a ballot, I think that that’s inappropriate and insensitive,” he said, when asked directly by a particularly no-nonsense Ann Curry whether he meant to speak in such hate-speech terms.

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