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‘One State Under God’ License Plates Go on Sale in Texas

Starting next week, drivers in the state of Texas will be able to order a specialty license plate featuring a picture of Calvary Hill and the words “one state under God” to the delight of many residents.

The official license plate, approved by the governing board at the state’s Department of Vehicles last December, was the subject of much controversy in 2011 due to its religious design, which some felt was disrespectful and discriminatory.

But regardless of the dissenting opinions, the Texas board decided by a 4-3 vote to allow the religious plate designed by Glory Gang, a nonprofit youth organization, to be accepted into their program.

“The message of the Calvary Hill plate is the message that we give to the children we work with: there is hope,” Matt Rocco, a Glory Gang board member, said.

The organization works with at-risk children ages 3-12 in Nacogdoches County, imparting hope by meeting both tangible and spiritual needs.

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