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‘Monumental’ Re-traces America’s Godly Foundations

Kirk Cameron is seriously alarmed about the nation his and the children of other Americans will inherit in the years to come. Like a majority of concerned Christian parents, the husband and father of six sees an economy on the ropes, a government that is $16 trillion in debt, and a population that has lost its way morally and spiritually.

“Morally, you can go down to the mall or public school, sit down, and just be terrified by what you see,” he told Baptist Press News. “What used to be called shameful is now celebrated and normalized in the culture.”

On the spiritual side, “we’ve got ‘In God We Trust’ written on our money but the government is going around erasing anything having to do with God or Christ or Christian faith from monuments,” he said. “The separation of church and state is making teachers feel like they’re breaking the law if they mention anything about the faith of our forefathers. I am very concerned where the world will be in 10 years, 20 years, for the sake of my kids.”

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