We are in the midst of a Cultural Revolution in the West. I know  some of my readers, especially my detractors, will call such a claim alarmist and an overreach. However, the writing is on the wall and we all better read it and act.

The foundation of Western Civilization is marriage between one man and one woman and the family and society founded upon it. The truth about marriage is not simply a “religious” construct.  The Natural Law reveals – and the cross cultural history of civilization affirms – that marriage is between one man and one woman, open to children and intended for life.

We are experiencing a campaign to effectuate a radical change in our social order on all of these fronts. It is being done with verbal sophistication and utilizing a well funded legal strategy. Among the legal groups at the forefront of this Cultural Revolution is called the “Lambda Legal Defense and Education Fund”.

On Tuesday, Aril 10, 2012, Lawyers for the Lambda legal Defense Fund filed a Federal Lawsuit in the United States District Court asking for Declaratory and Injunctive Relief. The case is numbered 2:12-cv-00578 and styled, Sevcik & Baranovich, et al. v. Sandoval, et al.

This case is part of a National strategy to use the Courts to compel us to call what can’t be a marriage to be one or face the punitive force of the Police Power of the State. The effort relies upon using the 14th amendment to the US Constitution, the “Equal Protection Clause”, as a tool for enforcing a cultural revolutionary strategy.

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