With Rick Santorum now out of the presidential race, supporters of the Ron Paul campaign are stepping up efforts to court evangelical leaders.

Brian Jacobs, senior pastor of Metroplex Family Church in Fort Worth, Texas, and Justin Machacek, an award-winning producer for Daystar Television, met with the Texas congressman last week. They are now leading a nationwide effort to enlist the help of other evangelical Christian leaders to mobilize support for Paul’s candidacy. The first of several planned conference calls between Paul and evangelical pastors and other leaders will be held this weekend, Jacobs and Machacek told The Christian Post in separate Wednesday interviews.

Machacek said that when he speaks to evangelical leaders, the concern they most often raise about Paul is his stance toward Israel. Paul wants a less active military presence around the globe, would cut all foreign aid, including aid to Israel, and is less concerned about Iran’s potential development of a nuclear weapon than the other candidates.

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