Dear Mr. Iger,

I, and many other Christians, find the program GCB on Disney/ABC deeply offensive. I’m personally requesting that you take it off the air.

When I worked for Disney in the early ’80s, the company had very strict policies about treating “guests” with respect. The “cast member” was considered a more important part of the show than the food or the attractions. If a cast member had asked a guest if his wife was a good Christian b**** (mother dog), he would not have remained employed for 10 minutes.

Has company policy changed? Is Disney/ABC not part of Disney?

In years past, the major studios voluntarily adhered to the Motion Picture Code requirement, “No film or episode may throw ridicule on any religious faith.” This was not written to favor Christianity, but to uphold the value of human life and faith. I have no problem with serious open debate over the tenants of different faiths, but ridicule is demeaning. It labels a group of humans as something less than human. I’d be horrified if Disney/ABC started demeaning Jewish women as mother dogs. Shortly before my birth the demeaning of Jews led to unspeakable horrors.

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