Logos Bible Software might seem an odd company to bring the previously untranslated works of Thomas Aquinas to the masses. Indeed, it might seem an odd company to bring us holy books, period. Then again, perhaps it is only fitting that in the quest to bring ancient religious writings into the modern digital age, Bill Gates‘ progeny shall lead us.

Most of Logos‘ 300-odd workers are spread over three buildings in downtown Bellingham and one new campus in Arizona. The office layout is open, with a few glassed-off offices and meeting rooms. If there is any dress code, it apparently isn’t rigorous. There are treadmills and some stand-up desks. Employees can take breaks to play pingpong or foosball, or take a stroll around Bellingham’s downtown core. The whole enterprise has the feel of a mid-1990s Internet startup.

That shouldn’t be surprising, given the firm’s genesis.

The company was founded in the ‘90s by fully vested Microsoft workers Bob Pritchett and Kiernon Reiniger, along with Mr. Pritchett’s father, Dale, who initially took care of the business end. The dot-com bubble has long since burst for many of those startups, but not for Logos.

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