A nationwide undercover investigation of Planned Parenthood by the pro-life activist group Live Action revealed that the tax-subsidized abortion behemoth and lobbying group willingly participates in and facilitates what is known as “gendercide” — the deliberate extermination of children due solely to their gender. And while the sex-discrimination problem in abortions is generally associated with countries such as China and India, evidence released by the activists on May 29 further exposed the fact that it has increasingly reared its head in America, all with the help of taxpayer subsidies.

In the first video (bottom of page) of the “Gendercide: Sex-Selection in America” series — filmed undercover at an Austin, Texas, Planned Parenthood abortion clinic — the organization’s counselor has a long conversation with a Live Action investigator posing as a client. The woman, known only as “Rebecca” in the film, tells the undercover activist all about how to find out whether the child she is carrying is a boy or a girl — even while believing that if the baby is female, the “client” intends to kill it.

Incredibly, the Planned Parenthood agent even recommends deceiving doctors into participating in the ghastly scheme by omitting the truth about why an ultrasound is desired. The counselor also gladly explains how to abuse the Medicaid system to make taxpayers pay for the gender-identification process — all along thinking to herself that the client wanted to know to potentially obtain a sex-selective abortion.

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