Pastors from Seattle-based Mars Hill Church are struggling to understand why conducting worship services by way of rotating into the weekly schedule of an active rock concert venue in Orange County on Sundays is a problem with city officials.

Irrespective of their thinking, Santa Ana’s building and planning department says the church is operating in a no-church zone and has served an eviction notice. Mars Hill Orange County may become homeless at any moment, say church leaders.

The church has been holding services at The Observatory (formerly known as The Galaxy) for little more than half a year under a special contract with its owners that allows them to use the facility to setup, conduct, and breakdown church every Sunday. The rest of the week, the venue, which seats several hundred people, is used for nightly concerts, mostly from the rock genre.

“I honestly don’t understand this because it’s a concert venue and so it’s a huge room where people come in, a band plays on the stage, and the place packs out with people. On Sunday, a band takes the stage and it fills up with people,” said Mars Hill lead pastor Mark Driscoll during a video posted on the church’s website.

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