For Greater Glory is a memorable, important movie. It vividly and dramatically demonstrates that people have to fight for their freedom.

The movie takes place in 1920s Mexico. Power hungry President Calles is trying to shut down all the churches. Calles was president at a time when Mexico went through a series of socialist dictatorial leaders, as did Argentina and several other Latin American countries.

Right at the beginning of the movie, President Calles refutes the Pope and calls for draconian restrictions on the church. For example, he bans vestments in public, foreign priests, cassocks, and so forth. He tells his cronies that he will enforce this with an iron fist. He proceeds to send the Federales to shoot innocent people in churches, to hang and execute priests.

All over Mexico, a resistance starts. It’s called the Cristeros. They are noted for their commitment to Christ. A few of them are priests. Using Ecclesiastes 3:8, they argue with their fellow priests there’s a time for war and a time for peace, and that they must stand up for the Church of Jesus Christ. Eventually, enough of them gather together that they can hire a former general named Enrique, who’s not a strong believer.

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