More than half of the pastors in the Southern Baptist Convention do not intend to use the name “Great Commission Baptists” in communication about their church, although 40 percent say they have not discussed the issue or decided, according to a survey by LifeWay Research.

The survey also reveals more than 70 percent of pastors agree the name “Southern Baptist Convention” should continue to be used.

LifeWay Research conducted a random survey of more than 1,000 SBC pastors in light of the task force appointed by SBC President Bryant Wright to study a possible name change for the 167-year-old convention. The report of the task force, delivered in February during the president’s report to the SBC Executive Committee, recommended the convention maintain its legal name but adopt “Great Commission Baptists” as an informal, non-legal name for churches and entities that want to use it. The Executive Committee approved the president’s recommendation, and SBC messengers will consider the recommendation during the annual meeting in New Orleans June 19-20. The LifeWay data was released June 8.

LifeWay Research asked the question: “Do you agree that the Southern Baptist Convention should continue to be the name for this convention?” and found 72 percent of pastors agree (strongly or somewhat) the name should continue to be used. Twenty-three percent disagree and 5 percent “don’t know.”

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