I may be one of Christian TV’s loudest critics, but one of the most disturbing trends in the ministry world is the disappointing lack of interest in using TV as a tool for impacting today’s culture with the message of Christianity.

Back in the 70s and 80s in particular, men like Billy Graham, Oral Roberts, Rex Humbard, and others reached vast audiences through television. In spite of some later embarrassments, in many ways those years were considered a “golden era” in Christian broadcasting, and gave birth to numerous global television networks.

But a number of high profile sex and financial scandals helped turn a younger generation of pastors and leaders against the medium–and far too many cheesy, corny, and low budget programs didn’t help. For many church leaders today, much of what they see on Christian television is frankly an embarrassment. If that’s what TV ministry is, they understandably want no part of it.

As a result, many of these pastors have turned to the Internet and mobile apps as evangelistic and discipleship tools–and aren’t remotely interested in broadcast TV. But in spite of the phenomenal growth of the Internet and mobile devices, I still believe television will continue to be an incredibly important medium for the church.

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