The Muslim Brotherhood’s Mohamed Morsi has been elected the next president of Egypt.  The victory for the long-repressed Islamist group begins a new act in a central drama of the nation’s politics over the past 60 years – the Brotherhood versus the military.  Morsi addressed the nation late Sunday.

In his first speech as president-elect, Morsi offered a vision of inclusion – a sharp contrast to the polarizing campaign from which he emerged victorious.

Egypt’s first freely elected, civilian president called on fellow Egyptians – Muslim and Christian – to pursue the Brotherhood’s project for a national renaissance.  Morsi pledged to fight sectarianism and what he called “plots” to destroy the country’s unity.

The distrust that gripped Egypt throughout the campaign lasted through the lengthy preamble to the announcement of Morsi’s victory.  A tense crowd of Morsi supporters on Tahrir Square erupted in celebration when the results were revealed.

Thousands shouted their approval, waved flags and set off fireworks to mark the victory.

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