WORLD magazine recently published a “Web Extra” post at entitled “Separation of church and school: The struggle over the governance of Erskine College and Seminary continues” (June 8, 2012). That article has since been republished or linked by several other blogs and news services.

Since Erskine did not have an opportunity to provide comment or perspective for the original article, we would like to offer that perspective now in hopes of providing your readers with a more comprehensive and more accurate understanding of the facts regarding Erskine’s current and future relationship with the General Synod of the Associate Reformed Presbyterian Church (ARP).

Since publication, some details have since been revised on the original post at, providing more accuracy. However, since those details may not be revised in all versions of the article, we address them below.

The article, both by its title and the general direction of the content, would give most readers the perception that by refusing to abide by “directives” from the ARP Synod, Erskine’s trustees and its administration are signaling their desire and intent to break away from Erskine’s founding denomination. One could also perceive that separation is also the prevailing desire of the ARP Synod.

Unfortunately, this presents a somewhat skewed view of the current relationship between the ARP Synod and Erskine. More specifically, it misinterprets the events of the past two Synod meetings and the future intentions of Erskine regarding this relationship.

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