The Supreme Court ruled Obamacare constitutional, and I’m concerned about its effect on the poor and vulnerable. They are the ones who need quality health care the most.

The Court, of course, was not called upon to determine whether Obamacare, formally known as the Affordable Care Act, would actually have its intended effect. While the White House appears to have consulted many experts during Obamacare’s formative months, they also hung up twice on Dr. Ben Carson as he offered his advice.

Why did the White House hang up on the world-renown African-American neurosurgeon? Because he admitted to being an Independent, not a Democrat. Dr. Carson, who is director of pediatric neurosurgery at Johns Hopkins, has been openly critical of the U.S. current health care system. He has also made it clear, however, that he thinks Obama’s Affordable Care Act is not the answer.

Dr. Carson should understand better than almost anyone in the White House the importance of affordable access to health care for the poor and needy. He was born in Detroit and raised by a single mother. He overcame early struggles in his life to graduate from Yale and University of Michigan’s Medical School and made medical history in 1987 when he successfully separated the Binder Twins, who were conjoined at the head.

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