World magazine editor Marvin Olasky has exposed how the National Association of Evangelicals (NAE) has been receiving funds from the pro-choice Hewlett Foundation via the National Campaign to Prevent Teen and Unplanned Pregnancy, which emphasizes contraceptive distribution. Apparently NAE received about $1 million over several years, comprising a large chunk of NAE’s annual budget, which is only about $1 million a year. The San Francisco Bay area based Hewlett Foundation funds Planned Parenthood, the Abortion Access Project, and Global Warming activism, including influencing evangelicals for climate causes.

This project funded ultimately by Hewlett, according to Olasky, facilitated an NAE-sponsored panel at the prestigious “Q” conference in April in Washington, D.C. for young evangelical elites that almost exclusively emphasized contraceptive distribution, including to unmarrieds. Afterwards, a poll of several hundred listeners showed most favoring church support for disseminating contraceptives to young unmarrieds, which fueled publicity that young evangelicals are more permissive in their sexual beliefs. The argument for the campaign is that it will reduce abortion.

NAE President Leith Anderson, a retired Minnesota megachurch pastor, declined really to answer Olasky’s questions about NAE’s finances. Instead he complained that Olasky had not published his full quotes, which Olasky later did. And he insisted NAE affirms traditional Christian sexual teachings. “We never want to promote or condone sexual immorality,” he said. “But, we are told that contraceptives can reduce abortions and we want to stop abortions.”

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